The song 'Hallways' has something special and unique, I couldn't say exactly what (and that's for the best), but you can't help but nod your head, it's radio-friendly, but not cliché, and that feels good!” - Isabelle Côté

— Melrock World

He has grown so much, the young shepherd from the Agnus Dei tour with The Priests, you probably remember Raf. He has just released his first single, a song of which he is the author and composer. My boy, you already had an exceptional voice for your age, well, your voice is still as impressive and your talent is exploding! You are destined to tour the globe. I wish you all the best, my friend.” - Mario Pelchat

— Mario Pelchat - Personal Facebook Page

Hallways” is a production heavy masterpiece. By bringing in so many arrangements and beat work presentations, RafDolBac really brings this song to multiple new levels.” - Tricia Patras

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